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Kung Fu Panda

Appearances are deceitful in this fun and entertaining movie

Kung Fu Panda

This movie is about a Panda that stood up for himself to show that he is the mighty Dragon worrier. My favourite scene was when the Panda defeated Tai lung. I would recommend this mean- spirited film

Grace (H4)

This film is about a panda trying to be a warrior. I would recommend this film to everybody. My favourite part was when Po saved the wold.

Nazli (C3)

The panda was fighting with the bad cat and the panda was a dragon warrior then the panda got a map and on the map have nothing and the bad cat was dead and the panda save the world and the colour is on the panda is black and white colour

Batuhan (W3)

The film was about a panda that was trying to learn Kung Fu. At the end everybody were safe because po safe them from the Ta Lung. My favourite part was when Po defeated the strong, scary tiger with his finger. At the end everybody were safe because Po safe them from Tai Lung.

Emiliyan (H5)

The film is about a fat panda. The panda to be the dragon fighter. The film is a scary and sad film. The panda’s friends didn’t want the panda to live with them. My favourite seen is when there were fireworks. I would recommend this to everybody.

Tusem (C3)

The movie is about a big fat bear that wants to be a dragon warrior. I like the scene when the panda leant to fight and my other favourite part was when the panda tried to kill the leopard. I would recommend it to a 4-year-old.

Kya (H3)

This movie was about a panda that was the dragon warrior.

The panda’s master Oogway did not want him to be the dragon warrior because Po was scared.

The evil snow leopard that had grey skin, blue pants and furry fur.

My favourite part is was when panda said I am the fat panda then he defeated the snow leopard.

Salma (H4)

The film is about a panda that became a dragon fighter. But the panda didn’t know they were going to pick him for the dragon fighter.

My favourite part is when the panda put the fireworks in the chair

I want to recommend this film to my best friend.

Aleks (W5)

This movie is about a panda called Po that wanted to be the dragon warrior to get the dragon scroll. He was bullied by furious five the leader is tigress she was the strongest of them all.

My favourite character is Po because he faced his fear like he is fearless and so is tigress she is fearless.

My favourite scene was when Po’s butt went on Tai Lung's face.

I recommend this to everyone out there so have fun watching the movie.

Samira (H3)

The characters ; Tigeress , The strong beetle , Influential monkey, The female snake, The bird, Chinco , Panda, Chinco's master and Tylon, all were very interesting and outlandish.
The panda wanted to be a kung fu dragon warrior. My favourite character was Po [Panda] . My favourite, hilarious part was when the Panda [ Po ] defeated Tylon with his belly and sat on him.
I recommend this movie to all my friends and cousins .

Udhayvir (W3)

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