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The Nightmare Before Christmas

Guess what happens when the inhabitants of Halloween Town organise Christmas

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Nightmare before Christmas is a film about a pumpkin king of Halloween town called Jack Skellington who wanted to take over Christmas and do the Santa's job.

My favourite part was when Jack was singing the song and he took off his head.

The saddest part was when the Christmas tree was set on fire what means there was no Christmas for Halloween town anymore.

I recommend it everybody who loves Christmas.

Udhayvir (W3)

The movie is about a Skellington .The movie is funny and funny. I love the movie.

My favourite part was when Jack scared the children and my other favourite part was when the 3 children kidnapped Santa.

I would recommend this movie.

Kya (H3)

In “Nightmare Before Christmas” the main character is Jack Skellington. Jack Skellington lives in Halloween Town.

My favourite scene is when Jack Skellington opens the Christmas door.

I will recommend this film to everybody.

Tusem (C3)

The film was about Jack Skellington. He was scary and he takes off his head.

My favourite character was Jack Skellington and he sing a song

Batuhan (W3)

The movie’s main character is Jack and sally. He lives in Halloween town. Jack Skellington takes charge of Halloween. Jack Skellington takes Santa because he wants to do Christmas in Halloween town and see what is missing in his suit.
My favourite part was when Jack had an angry face then he calmed down and the part that Santa said “you should listen to this young girl” and Santa could have used his magic to get out were the boogie man place but it was super romantic.

I would recommend this to anyone because it was unbelievable they should see it.

Salma (H4)

The main character is Jack Skelington that is bored of Halloween and finds Christmas town and tries it. He lives in Halloween town where everyone tries to scare people a lot. Jack the Pumpkin King does a routine every Halloween he plans it all. Jack Skelington wants to kidnap Santa because he given Santa a vacation so he can give everyone the presents.

My favourite scene was when he was angry at the kids and did a scary face.

I do not recommend this to people who don’t like scary faces.

Samira (H3)

The Nightmare before Christmas is about Jack Skellington, who over-reacts, over Christmas and Santa. Jack, who lives in a hunted place called Halloween town, thinks he has the right to take Santa’s job, which is to send the presents, to the children. For living Jack organizes Halloween.

My favourite scene was the moment when Jack and Sally kissed.

I recommend this film to all because this film is fascinating.

Grace (H4)

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The Nightmare Before Christmas

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