As the headteacher of Honilands I am very proud of all the people who work here. We have excellent children and staff who are working hard to make Honilands an outstanding school.

Our school is slightly different from other primary schools. We have three forms of entry and we are organised into four families each led by an assistant headteacher. Oak family is our nursery and reception classes led by Megan Gibson. The rest of the school is split into three families, each consisting of one class from each year group. Cedar family is led by Shirin Masud; Willow family is led by Chris Shaw and Hazel family is led by Elizabeth Newport. Each family has its own area of the school and its own playground.

Besides having an English and Maths leader, we have faculty leaders of which there are five; Science, Global Issues, Creative Arts, ICT and Media and Personal Wellbeing. All our KS2 children attend Honilands College every Wednesday afternoon (please see our current prospectus on the website).

Honilands College is organised so children choose from various courses which must include at least one from each faculty during the year. Children graduate each half term and parents are invited in to witness what the children have been learning and celebrate their successes.

We believe that children learn best when they feel safe. We have excellent staff who ensure that the children are offered the best environment, opportunities and teaching available. We hope that your child is happy here. 

Mrs McNeely, Headteacher

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