We take eSafety at Honilands very seriously and are constantly looking at ways to improve our children's awareness of issues relating to the use of technology including social media.

Our new scheme will be available in Spring Term but for now, please find below links to websites that we always point parents and children in the direction of for helpful tips and guidance.

You can download our SMART rules, helping children understand risks with technology, here

If at anytime you or your child wishes to report an issue relating to eSafety, speak to the school or click on the "Report Abuse" button found on many websites inlcuding the CEOP's own (http://ceop.police.uk/).

Important Websites:

  • thinkuknow.co.uk -  built by the Child Exploitation Online Police and full of advice for children, parents and educators
  • CBBC Stay Safe -  CBBC stay safe website has alot of games and videos to help kids to understand some of the more complex issues

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