Enfield has four Children’s Centres. We are part of the Enfield Learning Trust North and South Hub. Our site works closely with the others in our hub offering services to our local community; people who may be expecting a child or raising children between the ages of 0 and 5 with the information and support necessary to bring up happy and healthy children who enter school ready to learn.

We all want our children to grow up to be responsible, caring, productive adults. We support adults to be caring of their children, showing them how important being a role model is so each will develop appropriate parenting skills and knowledge. By supporting families we are helping to develop a caring community with a sound infrastructure: a good school, safe streets and strong bonds among neighbours.

For babies and young children this is a unique and important time in their development and we consider it to be a privilege to share in this part of their lives.

We provide a welcoming environment with exciting and enriching experiences where every individual is valued and nurtured.


Our Centre is a place where:

  • families and individuals are supported to develop confidence, independence and self-esteem

  • relationships are built in an environment of understanding and respect

  • we listen to everyone and explore ways to improve the lives of families in our community

  • we prioritise those in greatest need

  • we work in partnership with families to promote their children's learning and development

  • quality experiences are offered which involve exploration, investigation and creativity

  • the environment is safe and caring so that children, families and staff can feel secure

  • we develop a shared understanding of spiritual, social and cultural diversity

  • we intervene to achieve better outcomes for all children and work to abolish prejudice

Please see our latest Parent College Prospectus for all the current courses that are available.

You can find out the services we offer here.

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