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At Honilands we aim to provide a creative and balanced curriculum that meets the needs of all our children.  The national curriculum objectives have been broken down into key skills and these are taught through exciting and engaging topics.  If a subject does not fit into the topic (such as Maths, RE, PE, Spanish and occasionally Science) these will be taught separately.   Our topics are Literacy led, ensuring that children are exposed to rich texts and are writing for purpose across all curriculum areas. Educational visits and visitors into school are an important aspect of our curriculum and are used to broaden the children's understanding of the topics we teach.  We take care to try and enrich children’s learning through first hand and practical experiences.

Our Religious Education programme aims to develop children’s knowledge and understanding of all the major faiths, promoting tolerance and respect for each other as members of our multi-cultural community.  Spanish is taught as our modern foreign language from Year 3 to Year 6.  A specialist Spanish teacher takes the sessions each week.

Through our creative curriculum we aim to ensure that our children will:

  • Have a love of learning.

  • Be happy and have enjoyed their time at Honilands.

  • Have the basic academic skills to be successful at secondary school.

  • Take responsibility for their own learning.

  • Be willing to take risks and learn from their mistakes.

  • Be confident at working independently or as part of a team.

  • Have good social and communication skills.

  • Show kindness and respect to others.

  • Be open minded and accepting of others.

  • Have high self-esteem, pride and confidence.

  • Have a positive outlook.

  • Have a sense of achievement

Below are the current topic webs for each year group (Spring 2017).

Spring 2017 - Nursery Overview.pdf

Spring 2017 - Reception Overview.pdf

Spring 2017 - Year 1 Overview.pdf

Spring 2017 - Year 2 Overview.pdf

Spring 2017 - Year 3 Overview.pdf

Spring 2017 - Year 4 Overview.pdf

Spring 2017 - Year 5 Overview.pdf

Spring 2017 - Year 6 Overview.pdf

You can find the previous topic webs for the previous years below.

(Adobe Reader required)

Archived Summer 2016

Archived Spring 2016

Archived Autumn 2015


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