Welcome to the Hazel family.

My name is Elizabeth Newport and I am the Hazel Family Leader .  I am in my fourth year at Honilands, which is a wonderful place to work. The school is made up of an excellent team of teachers and support staff who care about the children they work with and who work tirelessly to help them fulfill their potential.  The Hazel family is made up of 6 classes, from Year 1 to Year 6, and most of the classes, apart from Year 1, are in the same part of the school building.  Hazel Family is accessed from the Willow Playground accessible via Kempe Road.  The Hazel teachers are:

Hazel 1 – Ms Salmon

Hazel 2 – Ms Jumaily

Hazel 3 – Mrs Croker

Hazel 4 – Miss Ford/Ms newport

Hazel 5 – Ms Nwakamna

Hazel 6 – Mrs Ferhoui

At Honilands we teach a creative curriculum, using topics that aim to engage and stimulate our children, often chosen by our children. As well as picking stimulating topics, as a team we aim to create confident, independent and resilient learners who develop a thirst for learning. As part of this aim, the children are taught the 6R’s: responsibility; resilience; resourcefulness, risk taking; being reflective, and building positive relationships. We believe these skills are as important as the knowledge that children acquire and will allow them to grow into successful adults.                 

Although there are weekly whole school assembly, we also have a weekly family assembly that helps to our children create a strong bond within their family. The themes of our family assembly often relate to our schools Golden Rules, re-enforcing our expectations on behaviour and how we go about making the right decisions. These Golden Rules are displayed in classes and children who embody them are rewarded in assembly, acting as role models to others.

Learning doesn’t just happen at school and at Honilands we encourage strong links between the school the home. This begins at the start of the year with our ‘Meet the Teacher’ sessions and continues through the year with our invites to visit college, to being able to meet and talk to teachers at home time each day. We encourage parents to support their children with their learning, reading on a daily basis at home, as well as learning their spellings and timetables. Guidance on how to support your child in their reading can be found on our website. Teachers monitor home reading records and identify children who have been regular readers and who have made outstanding efforts; a child from each class is selected to pick a book as a reward in the final Family Assembly of each term.


If you have any concerns or questions then please contact your child’s class teacher or ask at the school reception and I would be more than happy to talk with you.

Elizabeth Newport (Hazel Family Leader)

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