We want our children to become responsible citizens who care for their neighbours, community and the wider environment. It is most important that they understand how to look after themselves in this ever-changing world.

Accessing information has changed beyond all recognition in the past twenty years. Our global village means that we're all interconnected more so now than ever before i.e. the international financial crisis, diminishing fossil fuels or climate change etc. Our children will need to develop these skills if they are to have a world perspective, to be able to debate about a problem, to have the strength of character to embrace and drive change, to know how to work effectively in a team, to be able to respond effectively to a challenge and to not be scared of being wrong.

We need to ensure all of our children have these skills because they will have to face failure in their lives, because they will enter several jobs (many of which haven't been created or thought of yet), new markets, new industries and possibly even new professions.

We need to identify those with particular skills - those who can debate; those who can find solutions; those who can think laterally; those who can manage teams; those who have vision; the future entrepreneur etc.

These Learning to Learn Skills are the tools our children will need as they enter this brave new world. We have to think of ways which will encourage and nurture these skills in a safe and stimulating environment. If we offer them various exciting opportunities to help enable them to develop these successfully, we will be guiding our school towards 'Outstanding'.

Children will attend a Gold Cup assembly every Monday where the 6 Rs are discussed. One child from each class will receive a gold cup to take home for the week because they have shown a good example of one of the 6 Rs, found below:

  • Relationships
  • Responsibility
  • Resilience
  • Resourceful
  • Risk-Taking
  • Reflective 

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