So our first day at PGL is drawing to a close and it has been quite an eventful one! We left Honilands with happy, smiley faces and with the sun shining on us. Thankfully there were only a few tears and before long we were happily making our way to PGL. When we arrived, we were greeted by our groupie Brady, who is Australian! We got ourselves settled in and unpacked and then went outside to play in the sun. We ran around and worked up an appetite (while Mr Walsh and Mr Voight rolled back the years playing football.) We had our first dinner which was delicious and then made our way to make a campfire with Brady. After making the fire, we sat around it singing songs taught to us by our groupies. We got back to our rooms and settled down for a well deserved rest. We have our first full day of activities tomorrow and we need to be energised for the day ahead! Good night 

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We awoke to our first morning at PGL ready for a day of action and adventure! The sun wasn't shining but we didn't care as we made the way to the dining hall for a hearty breakfast to give us fuel for our first full day. We went off in our groups to participate in all the fun activities the PGL staff had planned for us. Most of us started the day with the crate challenge and aeroball. In the crate challenge we had to get ourselves harnessed up in partners. We then competed against the other teams to see who could make the highest tower out of crates. Of course Mr Walsh's team won! Playing Aeroball was also a fantastic experience!! We were basically playing a game of basketball on a trampoline as again we worked together to beat the other teams we were playing against. After lunch, we met up with out new activity leaders to find out what we would be doing. Many of us got very wet during the raft building which consisted of working as a group to build a raft made out of barrels rope and wood. Once we had made the rafts, it was then time to test them and of course most of us ended up in the drink. As well as the raft building, we also took on the vertical challenge which helped many of us to conquer our fear of heights or at least take a big step in doing so. We wrapped up the day with a game of capture the flag and a circle time where we had the chance to share what we will take home with us from our first day at PGL. Lights out now! We've got a very early start tomorrow!

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We awoke on Wednesday morning with a thick fog surrounding PGL. However, by the time we started our morning activities, the sun was shining on us all! Most of us started the day with the climbing wall and were lucky enough to have two goes to try and beat our personal best. We then tried our hand at archery, which gave us the opportunity to practise our Robin Hood impressions. After a well-deserved lunch and a brief play in the sun, it was time to start our afternoon activities. It was the trapeze up next where we had to take a leap of faith-both physically and metaphorically. The activity consisted of standing on an elevated wooden platform. We then had to jump off to try to grab on to a metal pole-while harnessed of course! Our final activity was quad biking where we enjoyed pretending to be Lewis Hamilton as we race around he corners of the track. After dinner we played a wide game with our group leader before bed time. This morning, we are feeling the benefits of an early night as we face our last full day at PGL!

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Our last full day at PGL was certainly one to remember! From the second we woke, the sun was shining and we were determined to make the most of the beautiful weather. We started the day with Jacob's ladder, a climbing based activity which certainly tested our teamwork skills. We had to work together to conquer the ladder which got harder and harder the further we went up. Afterwards, we learnt vital survival skills in 'Survivor'. During this activity, we were taught how to make fire using flint and cotton wool and we were later given the opportunity to make our own makeshift camps using just tarpaulin and string. It was a really fun activity and we found out we had some young, budding Bear Grylls protégées in our various groups. In the afternoon, we enjoyed a leisurely bike ride, allowing us to enjoy the beautiful scenery of PGL. For some of us, this activity was particularly special as we learnt how to ride a bike for the first time! We wrapped up the day with the challenge course, competing against each other to make it through the tricky obstacles. After our final dinner, we got our glad rags on and got ready for our disco. We all had a good old dance (even some of the teachers) and celebrated what has been an extremely enjoyable week. We have mixed feelings about leaving PGL. On one hand, we are happy to go home and have a good nights sleep! On the other, we have had the time of our lives and we are sad to be leaving.

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