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A child's ability to communicate is vital to all aspects of their learning, so English learning is embedded in all subjects that we teach across the curriculum. We also plan for literacy focused learning every day in school, in line with the updated National Curriculum.

The school aims to make Honilands' children confident and enthusiastic speakers, readers and writers. To support this we provide a broad range of daily activities for children to develop and apply their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. Included in this provision are opportunities for public-speaking and drama activities and reading and writing in different styles and for different purposes. In addition to their learning in lessons, we provide opportunities to read for pleasure, both at our Newspaper Club and through the use of the school library at lunch times.

Read our English Curriculum information in full 

English at Honilands


At Honilands, Mathematics is taught every day.  Considerable importance is attached to the children achieving and understanding mathematical processes, concepts and skills. We try to teach Maths in an interesting and enjoyable way, to develop positive attitudes and resilience.  We want children at Honilands to become confident, achieve well and love Maths!  The new curriculum  places a large emphasis on becoming fluent in number facts, that is knowing all pairs of numbers that add and subtract within 100 and all times tables to 12 x 12 by the end of Year 4 and the ability to use these facts to solve more complex calculations; Mathematical reasoning, to follow a line of enquiry and justify and explain what they know and to solve problems in lots of different real life and imaginary contexts. 

To achieve this we plan lots of activities for learning through games, problems and practical tasks, using high quality concrete resources when introducing new concepts, at all ages. Together this approach creates real mathematicians, who become independent, resourceful learners, who take risks in their approaches to new learning.

Read our Maths Curriculum information in full

Maths at Honilands


At Honilands Primary School, we believe that teaching and learning in science is an essential life skill.  Our teaching begins for the very youngest of our children, where they begin to learn and understand elements of the world around them through play and observation.  As teaching science helps promote the understanding of natural phenomena in our world, we believe in providing first-hand experience; developing enquiring minds through scientific enquiry and promoting thinking skills through safe, planned and practical experiences in the areas of chemistry, biology and physics.

The teaching of science at Honilands is taught in discreet weekly lessons and, where appropriate, linked to other areas of the curriculum, ensuring science is taught for meaning.  We integrate the use of ICT within science lessons, believing that knowledge is gained through researching scientific history from the past, whilst also stimulating curiosity of science affecting the future.   Our policy is to deliver safe and inclusive lessons through open ended tasks, which stimulate and excite children’s curiosity of the world around them, whilst teaching them to recognise hazards in their daily life and how to keep safe.   We use a variety of teaching styles suited to each child’s individual needs, thereby ensuring all children gain the knowledge of how to develop successful questioning, hypothesising, investigating, testing, recording and evaluating skills.  Children usually work in mixed ability groups ensuring all pupils have the opportunity to interact with others working as part of a team, whilst developing their own areas of expertise.  As teachers we help to facilitate independent learning and have a strong emphasis on the importance in acquiring life skills and promoting higher order thinking skills, which impacts on many areas of daily life.

As all science concepts are taught through ‘working scientifically’, tracking of Scientific Enquiry skills are monitored termly and staff are kept aware of the needs of individual children.  The use of inclusion, which is paramount at Honilands, is used to make provision for all learners, whether they need support in their learning or challenging to exceed expectations.   A well equipped library and after school clubs have also been introduced at Honilands which help capitalise on children’s interest and curiosity within the world and all areas of science that it impacts on.

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