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At Honilands we believe that reading for pleasure is crucial. We aim to instil a love of reading at school, and we try to achieve this in various ways. The school library aims to provide children with a stimulating yet relaxing environment, in which they feel comfortable in selecting texts and learning materials of their choice. We want it to be a place that children enjoy visiting. The library should support children in becoming confident in their abilities to use the library system independently and efficiently, therefore developing a valuable life skill and a love for reading and learning.


How it works


At Honilands, we are fortunate enough to have a well-stocked, well-resourced and spacious school library. Each class has a weekly time-slot in which they can visit this space to read quietly, and every child has the opportunity to borrow books regularly using our electronic self-check-out system. It is a thriving space where students from all years can get the support they need, whether they are looking for an engaging novel, help with homework at our weekly homework club, support through reading interventions or to expand their knowledge as part of our cross-curricular learning.


Promoting literacy and reading for pleasure are key objectives for Honilands Primary School and our library plays an important role in this by inspiring curiosity and a love of books.


Local Library


In addition to our school library we are incredibly lucky to have Bullsmoor Library just beyond the parameters of the school and in the heart of the local area. Each class in the school has the opportunity to visit this library during the school year, borrowing books using their individual library card and trying out new texts.


It is an experience relished by the children as it reinforces their independence!


It is also important to note that any child may become a member of their local library completely free of charge, provided they have parental consent, which means they can borrow books regularly, without cost. It is also an excellent space for children to gain internet access to research projects for school and complete homework, as many of our children do. 


Below is the link to information regarding all the libraries in the local Enfield Hub. There is certain to be one in a convenient location for you and your family and information such as location, opening hours and a telephone number is included.



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