Ethos and Values

The Honilands Community value the strong local partnerships we have
forged both at school and within the wider community. We have been ac-
credited Leading Parent Partnership Award (LPPA) and are proud of the
relationships between the school and parents.
My vision for Honilands is to embody our motto of ‘We Are One’, learning
together, inspiring lifelong learning in harmony together and with empa-
thy, kindness and fun. So that we can all become the best that we can be.

Our aim is to:

Foster British Values so that there are good relationships across our
diverse community that are open, challenging and equal
Enrich the lives of our community so that everyone leaves
Honilands with richer experiences that enhance their opportunities
in life
Ensure that teaching and learning provision is at the core of what
we do
Nurture strengths as well as build resilience by learning through
Ensure that the whole community feels and can keep themselves
safe and healthy in mind and body
We will underpin everything that we do as a community with our School


Being kind and helpful
Being good listeners
Being respectful towards each other and the environment around us
Being honest
Being able to work hard
Being able to keep ourselves and others safe
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