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Cedar 6 – Miss. Warnock

Cedar 5 – Miss March

Cedar 4 – Mr. Tebbutt

Cedar 3 – Mrs. Reznitchenko

Cedar 2 – Mrs. Masud/Ms. Ford

Cedar 1 – Mrs. Bonner/Mrs. Blackman


Hazel 6 – Mrs. Ferhaoui

Hazel 5 – Mrs. Nwakanma

Hazel 4 – Ms. Newport /Mrs. Hudson

Hazel 3 – Ms. Croker

Hazel 2 – Ms. Jumaily

Hazel 1 – Ms. Salmon

Oak Family

Evergreen Oak – Mrs. Slatner

Golden Oak – Mrs. Eyin/Mrs. Crook

Red  Oak -  Mrs. Gibson/Mr. Walker


Willow 6 - Mr. Walsh

Willow 5 - Miss. Russell/Ms. Shaw

Willow 4 - Miss. Akinlabi

Willow 3 - Mr. Kay

Willow 2 - Ms. Marshall

Willow 1 - Mrs. Demetriou

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24 Jan 2018

The film is about a bird called Blu getting kidnapped to be together with another bird just like him. It was so funny because the monkey used a watch as a belt. The main characters are Blu, Linda,Tuli...


24 Jan 2018

Nightmare before Christmas is a film about a pumpkin king of Halloween town called Jack Skellington who wanted to take over Christmas and do the Santa's job. My favourite part was when Jack was singi...


24 Jan 2018

This film is about a vampire called Mavis .She had her 118 birthday. My favourite part was when Mavis and Jonathan got married. I would recommend this film to Tusem. Nazli (C3) This movie is about...