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Free School Meals

Dear Parent/Carer, 

If you believe you may be entitled to Free School Meals (see Enfield Website you can still fill out an application to apply. 

The extra support being offered for free school meals is not for those on Universal Infant Free School Meals (every child in EYFS/Yr1/Yr2) but for those who have applied for FSM due to their eligibility.

Attached are the relevant forms. 

EYFS/Yr1/Yr2 - click here

Year 3/4/5/6 - click here

Please complete and send a copy via email to

Any queries regarding this process, please email the school at the above address. 

Enfield Support

Staffing timetable

Dear Staff, 

Please check your email within the next hour. The staffing timetable has been amended and will be sent you, it will show the week that you will be required to work. If anyone has any questions email Nuala or James.

If you know of any staff who do not have this facility, could you please inform them of the timetable. 

Information for Parents

Might be interesting

Key worker information and closure

Dear Parent/Carers,

Please read letter on link below


Many thanks

Nuala MCNeely

Weekly Attendance Update - W/C 2nd March 2020

Weekly Attendance Update - 2nd March 2020

Best attendance:
1  = Willow 4  98.33%
    = Hazel 6   98.33%
2  Hazel 4      96.09%


Every moment of your child’s education is important! Our attendance target is 96%.  Please help us to improve our attendance by sending your children to school every day and making sure that they arrive on time!

We thank you for your continued support and co-operation.

Authorised and Unauthorised Absence. What is the difference?

Authorised Absence

This is defined as any absence which is unavoidable and will be considered once a reason has been provided. Reasons that may be authorised include:

  • Absence due to Illness - Specific reasons for illnesses are recorded on the register once provided by parents. Please provide medical evidence where applicable. We will make referrals to our school health nurse when deemed appropriate.
  • Medical or dental appointments - Routine appointments should be, where possible, made outside of school hours. School should be informed before 8:50am if appointments are going to make a pupil late for school. Pupils are expected to attend school before and after routine appointments and ensure that they sign in and out at Reception. Please provide evidence by way of an appointment letter/card.

Unless a parent informs us of the reason for any absence, that absence will be unauthorised.

You will receive a phone call from the office if you do not inform us as it is our duty to ensure your child is safe. If we cannot make contact with you then you may receive a home visit from a member of staff.

Unauthorised Absence

This is defined as any absence which is avoidable and where the child would be able to attend school if the parent(s)/carer(s) had not deemed otherwise.
Unauthorised Absence may be if your child does not attend because of:

  • Going on holiday or travelling abroad
  • Days off for birthdays, shopping trips
  • Feeling tired
  • Bad weather
  • Non urgent appointment
  • Parent unwell to bring them to school
  • Birthday
  • Holidays

NO holidays, for any reason, will be authorised and fines will be issued by the Education Welfare Service.

Postponed Family Event

Dear Parent/Carers,

The Family event has been postponed untill the summer term.

Please accept my sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused.

The children will still enjoy the planned activites.


Nuala McNeely

December 20 Newsletter

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