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Parent Questionnaire

Honilands Primary School

Parent Questionnaire Completed October 2018


Dear Parent/Carers,


Please find below the data from all the questionnaires completed on the Academic Review day.


I would like to thank all of you that took the time to fill them in. In total there were 246 questionnaires completed.


The questionnaires are a valuable source of information and we appreciate receiving the feedback. Please see my responses below.


Also attached you will find the responses to our “Honilands would be better if…” statement.





Strongly Disagree



My child is happy at this school







My child feels safe at this school







My child makes good progress at this school







My child is well looked after at this school







My child is taught well at this school







My child receives appropriate homework for their age







This school makes sure its pupils are well behaved







This school deals effectively with bullying







This school is well led and managed







This school responds well to any concerns I raise







I receive valuable information from the school about
my child’s progress







Would you recommend this school to another parent? 

79% = YES   10.6% = NO



As you can all see the overall questionnaire was fairly positive and supportive of the school. Many of you made a comment regarding homework and the data above shows there is some concern about the homework the school expects. 


We recently had a Parent Forum and it was also brought up in the meeting. There will be another meeting on the 17th December at 9 am in the Lower Hall to discuss the points raised at the forum which included homework, parking and how parents and the school can work together. Communication was also discussed and how the school could improve communication with parents.


I have attached the comments made by parents on the questionnaire. I thank all of you for the support you show us at this time in the school’s journey. We do need to work together to support all the children use our School Values: Working Hard, Being Respectful, Being Kind, and Listening to each other.



‘Honilands would be better if’ Comment


Honilands would be better if the environment was much cleaner, all open access allows foxes inside, the school should be looked at for the children's safety

The site team try to do a check of the site every morning – sometimes it is missed

Honilands would be better if they improve on their rating currently dropped by OFSTED

We agree however we are working harder to make sure we get our Good rating back

Honilands would be better if the children had more activity after school

We will speak with parents as we would have to start charging

I personally think the school is amazing, staff too. My son has learnt so much, confidence has improved, one of the best schools he’s attended

Thank you

All my children have come here and it’s amazing. Staff amazing

Thank you


Honilands would be better if the communication was better

We agree and are working on this

Honilands would be better if James Irvine was headteacher

Maybe it would but he is learning, as deputy head

Honilands would be better if it stopped bullying

We agree, we need everyone to support us and also tell us

Honilands would be better if there were homework books, rather than pieces of paper

That would cost a lot of money,  we send home reading books and sadly many never come back

Honilands would be better if all good

We agree!

School dinners

We will arrange a lunch for parents to try the school menus

Honilands would be better if there didn’t seem to be one rule for one and one for another/Lack of consistency around issues

I agree there is a lack of consistency. Please come in and speak to me


Honilands would be better if own after school club with better activities

We would have to get parents to pay for them

Honilands would be better if uniform back to beginning

Please speak to Mrs McNeely about this

We happy with our school

I am glad

Honilands would be better if children stayed at their own school class group and teachers worked on their spellings and ICT

Please speak to Mrs McNeely about this comment


Honilands would be better if break times were more looked after when staff shouldn't be having  their arms crossed, should be supervised better

We have over the correct ratio of staff. I agree staff should not be folding their arms and be vigilant all the time

I have no comment at the moment, the school is a good school my children are here

Thank you


Honilands would be better if Reception staff wasn't rude to parents with questions

I am sorry, maybe you could come and speak to me or Mrs. Gibson

I think they do a great job

Thank you

Just small things. If you want to see a behaviour from parents, tell them how to achieve it (how to learn spellings,how to give feedback to the school... spell out these processes). Thank you

I agree we do need to do more to support the parents



Honilands would be better if more on progress reports

Please speak to Mrs McNeely, it sounds interesting

Honilands would be better if I could work here (101)

We have no jobs at the moment. We employed two mums this year

Honilands would be better if more communication, but this has improved since Sep 18

We still have more to do, thank you

Honilands would be better if parents had more opportunity to liaise with teachers

This is something we are working on with the Parent Forum and agree with your point

Honilands would be better if less homework so they can do more schoolwork

Please come in and speak to me about this

Honilands would be better if the kids got more homework and reading books, kids coming out on time

Sometimes children do not always get ready to leave on time, sometimes the teacher wants to finish teaching or add more in

Honilands would be better if we all are one

We agree!

Honilands would be better if college came back

We need to teach the curriculum and not use the time for enrichment activities

Honilands would be better if communication with parents towards children's progress. Needed more information giving to parents

We agree and are working on it

Honilands would be better if the children are involved more in extra curriculum activities. It would also be nice to bring back the newspaper club as it is enlightening and educative(sic) for the children



We would have to get the parents to pay for the extra clubs


Honilands would be better if the teachers can get concern about what the children won't same time



Not sure what this meant, please come in and speak to Mrs McNeely


Honilands would be better if they got back the homework to check what they got wrong

We are working on this

Honilands would be better if parents cared more


Honilands would be better if - All Good

We are working hard to get there

Honilands would be better if Leadership was stronger.
Afterschool Club for SATs revision

We were a new leadership team last year and hopefully we are stronger with the support we have received. We have the SATS revision club in place

Honilands would be better if there are continue to teaching the children the way you teaching

We are looking at ways to ensure teaching is the best it can be. Mr Dominic Smart is working with us.  He is HT of Debohun Primary School


Honilands would be better if communication was better

We agree and will work with you to improve this

Honilands would be better if pick up children’s clothes from playground would be nice

We do try, sorry


Honilands would be better if more school clubs
Music lessons during after school club

We currently have a choir and steelpans. If you would like individual lessons for a certain instrument we can contact the local authority. Please come into the office and ask for Mrs McNeely

Honilands would be better if Mrs McNeely left

Sorry,  I need to get the school to good first!

If they helped all children to work at correct age related work. My daughter has been behind for years and I'm scared for secondary her as she is well behind on work she is given is really too hard for her/can just about do them

In every year group we have many programmes happening every day for children.  Please speak to our SENCO team. Much of the time the children make good progress from their starting points


Honilands would be better if they could give pupils a lot more homework
The teachers should press more on homework
We should be told what the children are working on at school

We are currently working on a new home work expectation


Is there still a newspaper club

We will start this up again once we have enough staff to do this

Parent Forum - this morning

Dear Parents,

We have the Safer Roads officer coming into school today at 9:30am.  

I would like to hold the 2nd parent forum this morning as part of the meeting. 

You are welcome from dropping off time in the lower hall.

The agenda 

Minutes of last meeting



Next steps for forum

I do hope you can make it.  We can hold another one, with notice, before the school break if you cannot make it.

I apologise for the late notice of this meeitng.


Nuala McNeely


Odd socks

Don't forget odd socks and spotty headbands for school today. 

All donations to Children in Need are welcome. 

Autumn 2 Clubs

Please follow the link to book after school clubs for this half term. 

Athletics Training

 For Parents of Year 6 children interested in athletics, please see below:

Dear parent/guardian,

  A unique athletics education programme is now available to your child.  This Lee Valley-based Five Star course will be led by Olympic Coach Tom McNab, Technical Director of “Chariots of Fire” and creator of the Five Star Award, which reached sixty million English children. Also Claire Spurway, triple European Masters Sprint Champion, already teaching athletics in Enfield schools.

The hour-long course for children of 10-12years old will occur at 4.30pm on Tuesdays once per week, and will require parental attendance. It will last from November 2018 until August 2019, at no cost but the £3.00 Lee Valley Athletics Centre admission-fee. At its conclusion, each child will have greater knowledge and understanding of athletics than any child on earth in this age-group.

The course is being offered to twenty children, irrespective of ability, and a starting-date will be set when the necessary number has been secured. Your prompt reply will therefore be appreciated.

There are also other opportunities for athletics coaching based in Winchmore Hill.


For more information please contact Claire Spurway on:

Telephone: 07939 987906     or    Email:

October 26 Newsletter

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Mr Tebutt

Congratulations to Mr Tebutt who has just had a little girl. Although currently on Paternity Leave, he will be coming into school for Academic Review day on Friday 19th October. Please ensure you have booked yourself an appointment using the link on our school app. 

Parent Evening

Parent Consultation sessions are now available to be booked.

Please click on the link below to make a booking: 

If you require any assistance, please refer to the Parent Consultation Booking guide.

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INSET Day - School closed to pupils

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